YouTube Subscription Copyright Match Tool And More May 2019

if you haven’t seen it yet Susan our CEO shared some updates on our

if you haven’t seen it yet Susan our CEOshared some updates on our 2019 priorities and filled you in on how we’ve been addressing creator feedback and given the scale and impact of YouTube there’s nothing more important than managing our role as a platform responsibly so let me start with our first priority living up to our responsibilities
if you’d like to hear directly from Susan about how we plan to continue to live up to our responsibilities support your success and improve our communication with you help you stay connected with the communities you love so we know they’re important to many of you we’ve got a few updates around subscriptions for you

YouTube’s public surfaces for channels over 1,000 subscribers

this month first starting in August we’ll show abbreviated subscriber counts across all of YouTube’s public surfaces for channels over 1,000 subscriberscreators you’ll still see your channels full subscriber count in YouTube studio we’ve heard that some of you are concerned about the impact this change will have on our API so we’ve passed this along to our product team second you can now filter for specific channels in your subscription speed on iOS when you click on a channel icon from the horizontal list, you’ll see
the latest videos from that specific channel without leaving your subs feed all the channels you’ve subscribed to stay at the top of the feed so that you can more easily surf from one channel to

the next based on your initial reactions

the next based on your initial reactions this featureis making it easier for you to find new videos from the creators you love so we’re working to expand it across Android and desktop we’ve moved any subscriptions you had in the YouTube gaming app over to your subs feed on YouTube to prepare for gaming’s new home on slash gaming some of you hadn’t heard about this merge and were concerned they you were seeing old subs in your feed but everything is working as intended here these were just your subscriptions from the gaming app some of you also told us that you would have preferred to have more control over what channelswere merged so we pass

this feedback along to our product teams we’re working hard to ensure that studio beta is ready to be the default experience for all creators most recently we’ve added in the ability to see real-time traffic sources on your most recent uploads create custom groups of videos for analytics and see even more geographic data even down to u.s. state level

YouTube creators Channel made linked below

if you want a how-to on some of these new features check out the video that the YouTube creators Channel made linked below the product team is also working to improve page load time especially for certain browsers to make navigation easier and to continue to migrate features over from YouTube studio classic more updates on this to come some of you shared your concerns
this month around reused content policies wondering whether your channel could face T monetization for not talking or showing your face in your videos we want to set the record straight that you don’t need to narrate or show you face and videos to monetize if you’re reusing or repurposing someone else’s content however you do need to transform the original work by adding your own unique value and being clear in your descriptions about

the copyright match tool that we announced last year which helps

the value that you’ve added you can add value in a number of ways we give a couple of suggestions and the help community postlinked below all ypp members now have accessto the copyright match tool that we announced last year which helps you find reuploads of your content on other channelsand decide whether you want to take action it’s super important that you carefully evaluate each match to confirm that you own the rights to that matched content and that you believe it infringes on your copyright before taking action we saw some confusion

this month from creators wondering why they now have

this month from creators wondering why they now have the ability to take copyright-related actions on other creators content and this is the reason we have a couple of exciting updates for you to be our first youtube viewer is now available on oculus quest with over a million VR videos and experiences we’re working hard to make YouTube BR available for everyone and this gets us one step in the right direction second you can now launch the YouTube VR app directly from your home screen on Android in the past this icon was only found within daydream now it’s much easier to locate and open directly from home

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