Which social media platform should i use find customer

which social media platform should I use to find customer

which platforms should you go to if you want more clients what I would say is where your clients hanging out in the first place because your clients might be yoga clients your clients might be salad clients I don’t know I’m just making things up right now maybe your clients sell

e-commerce things online maybe they are restaurant it depends on where your audience is hanging out in the first place if you can’t find out where they’re hanging out maybe just Google maybe you know message boards for restaurant tours or you know what are the best resources for restaurant tours you’re gonna find where these people are hanging out and


the way on the Facebook ad platform you can find

the way on the Facebook ad platform you can find where all these people are hanging out you can find relevant channels and then go deeper and deeper and be able to see if they’re on youtube if they’re on LinkedIn if they’re on Facebook in order for you to be successful with this you can’t just make a blanket statement saying oh I think I’m gonna try YouTube because other people like Eric and Neil Patel are talking about YouTube just cuz we say it’s a nice channel to go to doesn’t mean it applies and necessarily everyone in fact when you’re starting out smaller it’s better for you to focus on one area or one

platform that works first and then get that one working well and then expand it’s the same thing as starting a business you focus on one product one service first and then you can start expanding if you want to add more revenues more revenue streams down the road but if you keep trying to do all these other platforms if you keep trying all the new hotness in terms of marketing you’ll want to try that platform just because you read a blog post you listen to audio file you watch this video you are not going to

social media facebook twitter Instagram youtube LinkedIn

achieve success because you are too scatterbrained you don’t want to be scatterbrained I’ve done that in the past so what I recommend I don’t think there’s a blanket statement for this you’ve got to find out where your people are hanging out it might not even be on these platforms – it might be on some message boards it might be that you need to go to conferences you don’t know right if you need to go visit somewhere don’t don’t be like oh Chris because it’s not an online platform you are too scared to go out there and talk to people if you actually want to get customers if you want to be successful you got to do whatever takes to get there that’s ethical with that being said let us know what you plan to do which platform you plan on targeting

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