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How To Schedule Email in Gmail 

Google recently added a brand new feature to its ever-popular Gmail app that now lets users compose an email and schedule it to send at a later date and time if you ask me then this new feature is a real Savior because I always tend to forget to send me emails on time be it mailing my boss about my VC schedule which I always forget or just last week when it saved me by sending the happy birthday mail to a colleague while I was traveling over the weekend this new addition lets you schedule

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Email in Gmail 

Gmail on Android iOS

emails for a later time which really sounds excellent let me show how you can do it whether you are using Gmail on Android iOS or the web let’s get started open Gmail and tap compose from the bottom right add a recipient enter a subject and compose your email once done tap the 3 dot icon on the top right and select schedule send select an option or enter your own by selecting big date and time once you tap your selected option on the next prompt hit OK and now the email will be schedule to send at your preferred date and time,

email open the menu by tapping the handles

if you wish to cancel a scheduled email open the menu by tapping the handles, will icon on the top left and select schedule now select your email that you wish to cancel and on the next screen hit cancel the cancel email then goes to draft if you wish to make changes to it then head back to draft make changes to it and then you can either fuel to send it on a later date and time or you can directly send it on your computer hit the compose button from the top left of the screen add the recipients enter a subject and compose your email once done right next to

the send button click the downward

the send button click the downward facing arrow to reveal sending options now it should use 10 select an option or enter your own by selecting pick date and time and that’s all your email will be shield to send now to cancel it select schedule from the left panel select your email and tap cancel send the compose email screen will appear immediately now either you can discard the mail or you can make changes and should you late for a later date in time or simply send it there are two things to note the first one that you guys might have already noticed is that when you cancel a scheduled email then it automatically gets saved as a draft also you can’t reduce up to a hundred emails as of now not more than

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