How To Create Facebook Ads Guide Types of Facebook Ads

How To Create Facebook Ads Guide okay so today I’m gonna teach you the best part which is actually being able to create these kinds of advertisements and fur to get local traction at a local business or whatever kind of calls you’re trying to promote so I Types of Facebook Ads I recommend using chrome is the best option for almost any kind of browser and why    


How To Create Facebook Ads Guide

say that is because Facebook allows you to do some really good stuff with chrome so we’re gonna head and get started so obviously we’re gonna want to go to because Facebook is the almighty of all this kind of stuff so on Facebook you see a lot of things here you see your newsfeed you see your sidebar and you see your ads now this won’t display unless you have an ad account so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna create a page now in order for you to have an ad account you have to have a page and what I mean by that is if you click this little button right here

it’ll actually bring down pages for you and you can create a page so this video I’m actually gonna go through the whole step of creating a Facebook ad so you start by creating a page so we’re gonna click create page and for this purpose we’re just gonna do a sample and we’ll do brand or product actually  

we’ll do local business and sets what we’re

we’ll do local business and sets what we’re talking about so you quick local business right and you click on the name for the business now this could be anything whatever you’re trying to promote so what we’re gonna say Justin’s coffee shop okay page category will say restaurant I can ask you for a street address we’re gonna click on will do 1 4 4 9 coast road and that’s in Fairfield CT phone number we’ll do a random phone number just to get this over with there you go click get started okay so now we have

the Facebook page and this is a business page right so a lot of times on the business page will allow you to do a bunch of things at your page can’t do guys if you’re helping out any type of client any type of business they need to have a Facebook page there’s a lot of businesses that don’t have Facebook pages and I don’t know why so the first thing you want to do is  

you want to optimize every single thing on this Facebook page

you want to optimize every single thing on this Facebook page so when a customer lands on this page it looks more attractive the best way to do this is if you click on see all page tips where my mouse is Facebook will actually give you everything that you should be doing I recommend I highly recommend going through all of this because Facebook has an algorithm which shows your page if it’s optimized right so if you’re businesses that you’re helping is competitor doesn’t have a Facebook page that’s optimized yours will show  


the advertising so once you have the page

first and that’s what you want right so we’re not gonna add all of this stuff in right now just because for the sake of time and storage on my computer right we really want to focus on the advertising so once you have the page like setting up once you have a picture once you have a cover image I don’t know why I want to let me scroll up and you guys get the gist right this is the cover image this is the picture I’m sure you guys a neat little tool it’s called canvas okay and canvas is really nice because it

allows you to because these pictures on Facebook have specific sizes that you must meet for them to look clean so you’re gonna have to put a picture up for here and you’re going to put a picture up for the cover photo now in order to a cover photo canvas very nice to use because I’ll show you so you have things like channel art Twitter head LinkedIn post email head you have

all this stuff here and can Vogue I just immediately makes it looks it looks so it’s it’s nice you know so you can fit think so as you can see you have a cover here and you can click on it and you can quickly create and design a cover now I’m gonna be doing a canvas tutorial a little bit after this video so don’t worry about using canvas right now but you can see the gist you can create something like this quickly load it and then put it into your Facebook page we really want to focus on the ad in this video so let’s go into it  

let’s jump in right so on the top right of your Facebook

let’s jump in right so on the top right of your Facebook thing where it says the question mark you can click here right okay right here it says create ads so this options been been in front of you guys this whole time so you completely you click this we’re gonna click create ads and it’s gonna bring you into a facebook business manager creation crazy link type thing right and it’s gonna ask you all of this stuff, okay now I’m gonna go one by one as to what this stuff is brand awareness is basically if you want more people in front of your brand you can click on

this and you can actually click right here and it’ll show you increase your brand by people who are more likely to be interested in it we never use this we never use reach okay cuz that just shows your ad to the maximum amount of people what if you’re showing ads to people who don’t like your business or aren’t interested in your business you don’t want that this one is the one we use the most this is called traffic basically what traffic can do is it can take your ad to a different destination rather than Facebook so  

I’m gonna tell you guys why this is so important in the next coming modules

I’m gonna tell you guys why this is so important in the next coming modules but for now just know that if your customer, if your business has a website you can take people from Facebook to your website okay engagement, is you can get the most post engagement page likes and events the reason why this is so different than brand awareness because

Facebook they optimized a little bit differently right so there’s options that like page likes there are comments there’s you don’t I mean so it just looks better for the customer newsfeed and it dries engagement applications installs if your customer has an application on an iTunes App Store or the Android app store they can actually drive application downloads by using this form video views’ is one of my favorite ones now video views is you can get more people to view a video and relatively speaking this is the cheapest option to do a  


Facebook advertising so if you guys are working

Facebook advertising so if you guys are working with clients video is a must you must have video there’s no way around it all right so video views is my most selected so most selected marketing objectives laid lead generation you can do this right on Facebook so basically Facebook will gather a customer’s phone number email and other information that you want right on Facebook this is a good replacement for traffic conversions I will get into that later product catalog sales we’re getting to that later store visits basically you can drive people to visit your store so if you have a pet parlor you can  

actually, get people to go right into your store for the sake

actually get people to go right into your store for the sake of video we’re gonna use video views okay now once you click your marketing objectives you use your campaign name give you name it essentially so what I want you guys to think about the campaign name is is the overall campaign now in the campaign as you can see to the left here it goes the campaign there’s the ad set and there’s the ad so if you guys are going to be working with small businesses I highly recommend making the campaign name in the ad 

the butter is of the Facebook ad in the ad set

set as specific as possible so in this in this example we’re gonna say Justin’s coffee house 15% off now that’s a really shitty offer but this is just for example right-click continue once you go in it’ll bring you right to the ad set now the ad set is really where I think the bread and the butter is of the Facebook ad in the ad set you can target specific people in your location right so if I click here and I click let’s just say an address we’ll say one to two nine Post Road okay it’ll target people   

within a ten-mile radius of one to two nine Post Road now this is just an example now under that you can actually bring it by miles so if you want to target people 50 miles from that location which I don’t recommend if you’re working with a local business you can bring a pack down we’re gonna say 10 miles there are five miles I’m sorry five miles is better because you’re dealing with a real local business um and just so happens that women are the type of people that go into Justin’s coffee house and the age bracket is I’m gonna say 30 to 55 now this is what the owner hypothetically speaking told me  

local business um and just so happens

at Justin’s coffee house he told me that listen ladies come in here from 30 to 55 swatches we’re gonna target them okay now you can get into detailed targeting this part is pretty cool so you can include people who match at least one of the following and start typing your following here okay now let’s say I want to target people who like Dunkin Donuts because we sell coffee you can do that let’s say we want to target people who sell like Starbucks you can do that and you can even get suggestions right so Krispy Kreme would be a   

good one people who like these donut shops coffee lovers um coffee you know the actual word donut where was it I just saw it that’s okay we’ll do Baskin-robbins okay so you see how powerful this is right so this app ad that you’re gonna show is only gonna target people who have shown interest or purchased from any of these retailers and you can also do something  


target people with incomes what Facebook is letting us do is target people

that I like to do which is a little sneaky you can go to browse you can go to demographics and you can literally target any single person within this demographic so we’re in this place happens to be or I’m targeting happens to be in Westport so we obviously want to target people with a little bigger of an income so you can target people with incomes what Facebook is basically letting us do is target people who have an estimated household income between 150 and 250 or whatever option you choose okay we’re targeting this we want to target people

with higher incomes because our coffee is pretty damn expensive let’s just say it’s made out of gold right so we’re targeting those people okay all right great now we have a little more specific of a demographic what you’ll notice is your potential reach is up here so my potential reaches 20,000 people okay now that’s based on my daily budget and this is per day okay estimated reach per day is about 3300 people that’s a shitload of people to see a  

this audience and what that’ll do is this audience

small business you don’t even see that on TV not that many people will even see that on TV right so you can immediately see how powerful something like this is and the fact that it’s only targeting people who are already interested in that kind of stuff right TV just shows a broad audience okay once you’re done picking your selections here you I would definitely go more into this but I just wanted to show you guys a gist you guys can go in here and play with the different behaviors and the different interests and 

all that good stuff but I just wanted to show you a good example so you can click Save this audience and what that’ll do is basically this audience will save and for next time you want to create another ad you can just quickly make this audience so you can quickly select this audience okay now we’re gonna go ahead over placements this is also another trick that we like to do and it’s it’s really powerful and I  

think that you guys will really appreciate me for

think that you guys will really appreciate me for this is always edit the placements never leave it automatic okay and why I say that is because it’s gonna automatically select Instagram an audience network I’m telling you guys you do not want that unselect that two click the little drop down here if you’re ever going to create something for Instagram do it on a separate out of advertising you never do them both together click these off you don’t want these you really don’t I’ll get into these a little later but you know it’s the only one I really like is uh whereas in streamed videos and the reason why I 

say that is because a lot of people are watching videos on Facebook and this will actually put your video within their videos while they’re streaming if you ever saw like a world star video of people fighting on your ready your video would show up next or a little coffee shop or something like that’s the only wasn’t I like now this part here a lot of people over skip this I  


promise you guys will have a little bit of a learning curve

promise you you will get way more conversions if you take two seconds out of your time making an advertisement and just clicking this button and also clicking only connected to one Wi-Fi here’s why people who are not on Wi-Fi are probably driving and do not have time to look at your ad and think about it okay people who are on Wi-Fi are not you know they’re not set to look at a phone for a couple of minutes they want to be in and out they’re probably driving they’re probably under vent if they’re on Wi-Fi they’re probably at work to pie board for a

lunch break so you got to make sure you always collect click this okay so that’s it for the placements you know you really got to make sure you do this right here this is the biggest step and I promise you guys will have a little bit of a learning curve and some people will make mistakes but she’ll see it now daily budget um this is how much you’ll spend per day on Facebook 20 dollars and this is how much you’ll spend per week you have the option to set a start date and end date I don’t like doing that just because Facebook there’s no commitment if you don’t like an ad and it’s not performing well which I’ll explain how to judge if an ad is performing well in the later video you can simply just turn it off using  

Facebook ads app on your iPhone or your Android so in this example

the Facebook ads app on your iPhone or your Android so in this example you know we want to play something very well 5 bucks I always recommend putting 5 bucks and seeing how it works because once you do that then you can kind of drill down on what’s working well ok so test out 5 bucks for a day and then click continue and this will bring you right to the   advertisement okay now the advertisement is pretty important this is what people will actually see so in this example we’re going to use Justin’s coffee shop now you can add a video that’s what the ad is ok or you can do a canvass but I’ll explain in a different video so you upload your video through here ok we’ll just say this one this is a video I 

created for one of my clients ok add your video it’ll take a little while

created for one of my clients ok add your video it’ll take a little while to load and then go down ok so now that we’ve got the video uploaded here um you can select up what’s called a video thumbnail so this is when you’re scrolling through Facebook and you see that there’s like a little video play sign uh you want to have the video that has the most action so I’d say like this one of my client actually holding a pan of fire and then you know you go down these are video captions so if 

your your business owner or you’re working for business and they’re talking you can actually upload your own captions which I highly recommend because some people watch the videos when they’re muted this is what the video will look like okay now you want to write text that clearly explains what’s going on in the video right and I’ll say something like chef Daniel cooking a mean shrimp dish and  

your first-time customer now so that’s great so now you have

then you want to use something that’s kind of persuasive so say something like try us out on one to two nine Post Road and receive a run receive an appetizer free on us you know and then say something like just say or just mention you saw this video okay so now what we have here is we have obviously this makes some sense because it’s a shrimp dish when you’re talking about the coffee shop you’d want to say something along the coffee shop you know to come in and

we’ll give you a free coffee for your face for your first time customer now so that’s great so now you have the video you have the text and you have sponsored which means it’s going to go out to all those people who are interested in this kind of business we didn’t add a profile pic that’s why it just says J here but if we were to add profile pic it I’d have a picture on there so now as you can see like the customer have they have a couple of options they have you know they could like the page they can comment they can like they can share they can tag we’re gonna get into more persuasive ways of  

when somebody clicks that it’ll redirect them to the website

the post because guys this right here is the offer right this is the offer now in the video before I mentioned that it goes offer landing page Thank You page and then you know email so this is just the offer so the offer really has to be powerful you really have to have something where a customer a potential customer will acknowledge it you can’t just he I can’t just put a video up here saying oh come check us out without the free advertiser just nobody’s gonna take action people are on Facebook they’re looking for deals they’re not looking for just a business owner to just talking about the business right so you can add a website URL which I highly recommend doing right so in 

this case scenario it says come try us out so what we can do is we can actually go to two burners website which is one of the clients that is the video and you can actually you know add the website onto the ad okay I love that URL click here there you go now what it’ll say is learn more right here learn more so when somebody clicks that it’ll redirect them to the website now there are a million of powerful ways to do this I’m just showing you guys an example I think you guys will be shocked at what I’m gonna show you in the next coming videos right the headline 

will display on the bottom as bold so say something

will display on the bottom as bold so say something like free appetizer on your first visit okay that’ll come right here it’ll be in bold great looks good then you can click the newsfeed link description okay so when people are scrolling through this what you want to do is just type what the video is about once again you know so you can say something like to burn in Fairfield is giving away a free appetizer with your first visit so now the customer absolutely already knows what the video is and what’s gonna happen if they click to learn more usually these two correlate together so this is about it guys I really hope this was helpful for you if you haven’t seen this before and if you want to see other things just comment below and let me know what you want to see but once you’re done  

show you guys the simple steps of doing one it’s really not that hard

with the ad you know I’m just gonna recap so we started that campaign right and we chose an objective the objective was video views we want people to view our video next we went to ad set we chose an audience where we defined that audience based on our business we chose our placements we where our advertisement will show and we chose a daily budget schedule okay next we want to be ad the ad itself what people are going to see on the frontpage we clicked the offer or the what the page we’re going to use then click the video then we click the text then you’re just quick place order so that’s it that’s

how you fully create a Facebook advertisement from step A to Z now obviously this gets way more in-depth and there’s a lot more strategy but I really just wanted to show you guys the simple steps of doing one it’s really not that hard I highly recommend using video it gets a lot more engagement so we’re gonna talk about in the next video how to actually target using

how to target with strategy so in this video I just targeted doing nothing I just really just picked random stuff but in the next video we’re gonna use a real business example and we’re gonna see who we can target based on statistics in that business this is huge guys this is huge right so Facebook is basically telling us hey we know that this person does this you should target them you know that that’s insane no other form of advertisement does

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