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Hey guys, welcome back to the digital marketing mastery course

Hey guys, welcome back to the digital marketing mastery course. Up ‘til now we have covered a lot of digital marketing. SEO, affiliate marketing, WordPress, starting a website, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and so much more. If you’ve actually put these theories into practice then you have a lot of new skills. You can use all these skills to make money as a freelancer. I’ll be telling you all of these today.

So what is a freelancer?

So what is a freelancer? A freelancer is a professional who offers his or her services to one or several clients at once without being exclusively obligated to any one of them. Now freelancers are not limited to one particular service. They offer different services and the work in different forms. So if you have an expertise in logo designing, then you might be making 3 or 4 logos per day for several clients.
So now I’ll be telling you the best sites where you can find the best freelancing works. So these are the top 5 websites.,,, 99designs and guru. Becoming a money-making freelancer is not just about signing up on these websites. You must also know all the tricks in getting the projects.

So for that you have to create a strong profile for freelance websites

So for that you have to create a strong profile for freelance websites. So these are the various ways that you have to keep in mind while creating your websites. You have to use your real name, upload a professional photo,
craft the specific headline, write your bio in first person and so much more. So we’ll be going through each point one by one. Using your real name. I know it sounds really obvious, and common sense to use a real name, but I see so many freelancers not doing it right. Now uploading a professional photograph. Don’t even think about using a selfie or a really weird webcam close up photo for your profile picture.

You have to treat your freelance profile as your business

You have to treat your freelance profile as your business, because you’ll be interacting with clients and you don’t want to look as an amateur. So get cleaned up, dress well and ask someone else to take your picture. Make sure not to give too much attention to the background, and more importantly, smile.
Now look at this photograph. You cannot even see the face of the person. What is he really trying to convey? Highly unprofessional. So kindly stay away from such pictures. Now crafting a specific headline. Your headline should describe your job title.

So try to be as specific as possible to make it easier for your client

So try to be as specific as possible to make it easier for your client to understand what you do. Instead of learning from a general clientele, write and narrow it down to a niche. And you’ll get a better chance of getting discovered on a great platform like Upwork.
The more the niche you have, the better chances you have of acquiring the client. If I am putting up a project, then I’ll be more comfortable in awarding the project to someone who has more experience in one particular domain compared to someone who has a more general experience? Writing your bio in first-person. Don’t describe yourself in third-person like you’re narrating a movie and avoid writing your freelancer profile as if it’s a page on a corporate website.

Now describing your qualifications and experience

Now describing your qualifications and experience. It’s better to include a sentence or two about your qualifications and experience in your bio. But try not to brag too much. Also use the “employment history”,”education” and the “other experiences” sections to add more personality to your profile. Now this a very important slide. You have to showcase your best work in the portfolio.
Now Upwork has a separate section in your profile for showcasing your portfolio. Use it well to show off your best projects. Upload an attractive image, write a detailed description of the project and also include a link to the source. And if you’re trying to create a profile on a different platform that doesn’t have a portfolio section, use a site like Behance to upload your work and simply include links I

your freelancer profile bio. So if I am awarding the project to someone

your freelancer profile bio. So if I am awarding the project to someone, I will be looking at your portfolio. Your experience, what kind of work you have done. So make sure you show off your best projects. Connect your social networks as well. Even if the links to your social profiles won’t be shown to your clients, it’s important that you connect at least a couple of your profiles with the platform.
As it helps Upwork to better understand you to create a more personalized experience and to show you more relevant jobs in the “find work” section. So here are some “do’s and don’ts” of freelancing. So what to do?

Have a complete profile

Have a complete profile, read carefully the job description before applying and make sure that payment method is verified. Be professional, keep track of your schedule and do your job well. Many of the newbie freelancers make this mistake of following the “don’ts” so please stay away from them. Don’t post what you’re not,
don’t post fake skills, don’t just settle on one job and please don’t exaggerate. Of you are thinking of long term, you have to build your profile. You’ll be awarded the ratings soon. If the client is not happy with your work, they won’t be giving you good ratings and it will be difficult for you in the future to acquire the customers.

So how to find them work as a new freelancer?

So how to find the work as a new freelancer? It is somehow difficult for a new freelancer to find a work. Why? Because if I’m a client, I would rather award the project to someone who has more experience in that particular field compared to a new freelancer.
So follow all these steps to enhance your chance of getting the work. First of all complete your profile, write nice and sharp proposals. This is a very important step that people usually miss out on, don’t just copy-paste the same text to all the proposal. Rather go through the description of the proposal and make a very customized and personalized message. And search for low-bid jobs and low cost jobs and bid on it.

Don’t go for big projects in the beginning

Don’t go for big projects in the beginning. And take skill tests and also score high in them. When you start, select one area of expertise and keep biding in the same area. This is the area that most of the freelancers falter.
Don’t run after to a hundred different projects. Rather run after 10 projects which are in the same niche. Please be it a beginner freelancer or an experienced freelancer give your 100% to your project. The rehiring rate is the determining factor on freelancing websites. Now let’s talk about how to withdraw the money.
So let’s say you have completed some of the projects
So let’s say you have completed some of the projects and you also have some money in your account. The best part of being a freelancer is that you don’t have to wait for the month end to get a credit into the bank account. There are various payment methods on these websites, and they differ from website to website. But the popular ones are PayPal, Payoneer and Skrill. So this was it about becoming a freelancer,

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