Facebook Deleted My Account 2020 | Facebook Account Delete Option

Hello dear friends, we will come back to our website and today in this article I am going to show you how you can delete Facebook account. Actually, we have a Facebook account and sometimes we do not want to use Facebook account properly. But we cannot permanently delete the Facebook account,

Facebook Deleted My Account  Facebook Account Delete Option

Facebook Deleted My Account 2020 | Facebook Account Delete Option

Today I will tell you the easiest way if you follow these articles, at that time you can delete your Facebook account permanently and forever.

First of all, you will need a type of browser that you can use the Chrome browser or Firefox browser.

Search on www.facebook.com and then just provide your password and your ID for logging in and open the account

Have to go to the search bar again and cut here and now write help/delete underscore account just write it Facebook has become WWW/help/delete underscore account after stars on it and now you have this The type of information will be found here to permanently delete the account

Permanently delete facebook account

So if you want to permanently delete your Facebook account, then tell us that once the process starts, you will not be able to reactivate your account, so remember that you keep this timed. Cannot reactivate facebook account,

So just click on delete account option and you will have to ask for your Facebook password again so give your facebook password again so that I can do that here by giving your facebook password you can see the release option so just click on release option

Here is another notice to permanently delete your account if you are ready to enter your password and click submit account after submitting your account.

Delegation You have 30 days to reactivate your account and I can reactivate your account within 30 days, but after 30 days you cannot reactivate your account once again So now click on the delete account option

How to reactivate facebook account

Now here you can see that your account is scheduled for major circulation, I mean if you log in to Facebook within the next thirty days, you have the option to cancel that beloved addition and somehow – There will be an option to type in content so if you feel you need your account again at that time, you can reactivate your account within 13 days,

Find deleted facebook account

So just give your Gmail address and password and login your facebook id again and after that you will get another option, which you can see if you do not want to delete the time, but you can cancel the detail from here Are, but if you want to delete that time, then click on Confirmation Deletions, so that this process allows people to permanently delete your Facebook account,

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